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Rational Thought Wins a Battle…Finally.

In an article entitled “Smart fracking: Extracting Natural Gas from Shale is Safe and Economically Sensible” John E. Sununu for the Boston Globe calls for Andrew Cuomo’s (Gov. of New York) decision to lift the ban on fracking to be “celebrated as a victory for rational thought.”

That is exactly what it is.

One of the battles that the pro-fracking community fights is the news media’s often unbalanced portrayal of Hydraulic Fracturing in the United States.

Google news articles on “fracking” and review the content present in the majority of the articles reporting on fracking to see that much of that reporting is one sided.  The headlines typically report the purported devastating effects of fracking on water supplies, forests, wildlife, and people.  Many of these are hand picked, ill proven, and are angles utilized to paint companies like Chesapeake in an ugly light.

We have never as a country, called for the complete stoppage of 18 wheeler shipping because of accidents, or train companies to shut down because of derailed trains, or airliners to shut down because of crashes. Human errors and mechanical failures are inevitable because we do not inhabit a perfect world but green groups and activists are calling for nothing less than perfection in this arena.

What is not nearly as well covered is the positive economic impact that the extraction of natural gas is having on areas by way of creating new jobs and new money or what fracking is doing to grow poor areas of the country. Many pro-fracking entities are economically minded and realize that fracking is  good for our struggling economy and the reported negative effects are far too inflated.

To say that fracking is “good” for the economy is actually an understatement. Natural gas stimulation and increased production could be great for our economy.  Chesapeake’s Aubrey McClendon noted on 60 Minutes that we have the equivalent of two Saudi Arabias worth of oil in Natural Gas in the United States.  If properly leveraged, this could mean huge economic results for the United States short and long term. He admitted that this is not perfect but nothing is.

Natural Gas simply makes sense. It makes sense because it creates jobs, it makes sense because it makes money, it makes sense because it could remove our dependence on foreign oil, and it makes sense because American needs new jobs, to make money, to cease being dependent on foreign oil.

The currently grim reality is that our present economy is heavily indebted and any economic growth is welcomed…particularly growth with the potential that hydraulic fracturing and natural gas present. If the extremist greens and the convinced ignorant do not have their way, natural gas can give much needed new life to the American Economy. Cuomo must have seen this or he would not have lifted the ban.

Pennsylvania has been benefiting from the economic boom that fracking has been creating in the Marcellus and New York needs these monies. Good thing Cuomo finally saw the light.

Sununu’s entire article can be viewed here:


And the fracking piece by 60 Minutes can be viewed here:


It is time for this natural gas to realize its potential and that will take victories of rational thought.

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