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Independence from OPEC and Jobs/Ramifications

If you are like a lot of other people, people like me, then your homepage is set to Yahoo! and you get a daily dose of headlines via their news ticker.

I usually scroll down past that ticker and the latest trending stories (which recently headlined a 4 inch tattoo on Jennifer Aniston’s foot) to the section below and click through the more pertinent information.

One of their buried stories, which you can find below, outlines a major problem with our current economic woes.


For whatever reason, Yahoo! found this information less important than today’s featured stories about Origami’s Practical Uses, How Baseball All-Stars Looked in High School, Kobe Bryant Playing One-on-One with a Middle-Schooler, and Rory McIlroy’s Girlfriend drama.

In other news, if anyone was wondering what all of the hubbub in Washington is about, it is because as of Aug. 2, 2011, the United States will no longer be able to fully pay the debt that we currently owe.

Here is an article plainly explaining what this all means:


The bottom line is this…the United States needs money and we need money now. Our economy is on the ropes and if it continues going the way it is going, it is only going to get worse. That is a fact. 100%

The reason why Barack Obama seems so impotent right now is because unemployment is high and new jobs are low, and deficits like the one in the above mentioned Yahoo! article continue to grow. This means we owe more money because we import oil when we could be making money by using natural gas.

Meanwhile, Penn State University is conducting a study which shows that Marcellus related jobs created in 2011 could number as many as 23,000.

If you want a one-two punch (of MANY when it comes to the pros of utilizing our natural gas stores) here are two places you can look to see what I am talking about.

Boone Pickens:


Chesapeake’s New Proposal for Energy Independence:


Saving and making trillions of dollars seems like a really good idea right around, oh, now and I am asking the same question ole’ Boone is…why can’t we enable companies to do what they can? Why does Congress roll like a set of rusty gears? Can’t we get this Pickens Plan to a vote?

In the near future, I will try and put some facts and figures together about how many new jobs the natural gas industry is providing, what they pay in payroll taxes, royalties paid, average salaries, average income taxes etc.

I will guarantee that these are some of the most promising numbers in our troubled economy which is exactly why financial folks like Jim Kramer love Chesapeake.

I think it would also be a great idea to give a cursory glance to all of the industries that could benefit from natural gas and measure that economic impact.

Imagine freedom from OPEC.

Imagine saving 400 billion dollars a year (463 million a day in foreign oil imports for diesel alone)…

Imagine all of this in 5-10 years.

I am hopeful and cynical all at the same time. How is that possible? Because I live here, in a country I am willing to die for, while Yahoo! tells me Megan Fox’s Botox is a better story than the death of the middle class.

Let’s see our nation make some money and have a healthy economy again.

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