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A Plan that Makes Dollars and Sense

There has been a tremendous amount of activity lately concerning Natural Gas and the process of Hydraulic Fracturing utilized in obtaining it.

Chesapeake and Boone Pickens have been at the forefront of the activities with Chesapeake’s launch of its three-prong strategy to relieve the United States of its dependence on OPEC to fuel our country. Some of the hard facts are in and at the very least, worth noting in order to really inform the American public about the benefits of procuring Natural Gas for producing LNG.

Boone Pickens released his strategy outlining some of the reasoning behind his plan in a document that listed the spending of America on foreign/OPEC oil.

The numbers from the Federal Reserve Economic Database are nothing less than staggering.

We import 60% of our oil and we’ve already spent 1 trillion dollars on foreign oil in the last decade, 39.0 billion last month (or 902,877.43 per minute) and are projected to spend an additional 2.2 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Pickens made the following statement:

“In these challenging economic times for so many Americans, it is hard to believe that our leaders continue to rely on OPEC oil when we have a domestic resource innatural gas that is cheaper, cleaner, more abundant and can be used right now,…”  “When you spend more than $900,000 a minute on foreign oil, it is no wonder why we have a fiscal crisis.”

We couldn’t agree more. The plan asserts that by changing 18 wheelers from diesel to LNG, Natural Gas would create 500,000 jobs, cut our dependence on OPEC in half, and stabilize our shaky economic future. We have the ability to do all of this using our own resources.

If all of this is true, what is the holdup?

The holdup is that groups like WTFrack.org exist for the sole purpose of stopping the processes needed to get the Natural Gas out of the ground. They use visually moving examples like flaming water and declare that one of the effects of Fracking is the pollution of water sources.

In a recent interview on the Colbert Report, former Governor of Pennsylvania and first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge spoke candidly about the reports of contamination of water sources from Fracking and the flaming water picture often shown by Anti-Fracking advocates.

In over a million wells that have been Fracked since the late 40s…there is not one proven case of water being polluted by Hydraulic Fracturing.

In further support of this statement is a study done by Duke University in the heavily Fracked Marcellus Shale. The study concluded that there is a lack of scientific evidence that Hydraulic Fracturing caused water contamination, that in the wells studied, no Fracking chemicals were present, and that in 85% of all wells studied, methane was present “regardless of gas industry operations.”

The study used isotopic testing to determine whether or not the methane contamination they did find in water was Biogenic (naturally occurring methane) or Thermogenic (methane that sometimes occurs as a result of gas drilling) and arrived at the conclusion that “…attention should be given to the study’s findings that the available evidence fails to show any contamination of water wells by fracking chemicals or produced water…” and “the presence of methane in a water well is not enough to demonstrate that natural gas drilling caused the methane to be present.”

The Pros of Natural Gas are tangible. Regardless of what the detractors say, there is simply not enough evidence to support bold claims that Fracking does what they fear it will do to water supplies when they call for moratoriums.

They often propose alternate energy plans like Wind and Solar Power without exploring the effects of these options or noting the findings of scientific studies like those done by Duke University.

In an article entitled ” ‘Fracking’ has EPA Seal of Approval’ ” , Andrew Morris briefly explores some of the alternative consequences of energy (Wind, Solar, Nuclear, and Ethanol) and that the rare minerals imported from China for Wind/Solar Power “often triggers environmental disasters” and that Green Peace’s stance is that “There’s not one step of the rare earth mining process that is not disastrous for the environment.” Nothing is perfectly safe and nothing is perfect at all. There is a degree of risk involved in every action, including sitting in an office chair.

It notes that EPA administrator Lisa Jackson said, in a statement to congress that there are “no proven cases where the fracking process itself has affected water.” and “We have in place a national regulatory system to protect ground water and well developed principles of property law that protect neighbors,…”  “We don’t need more rules, just consistent application of those we have already.”

Lisa Jackson does not have a reputation for being friendly to the hydrocarbon industry.
If the EPA can’t prove that Fracking is contaminating water and Duke University can’t either…then how legitimate is the data reported by films like “GasLand” when it causes a ruckus against Natural Gas?

As stated by Boone Pickens:

“The NAT GAS Act is a rare opportunity to effect real change. America’s
livelihood is not a partisan issue. Our leaders must seize this opportunity and do what is best for the American people.”

It is time for the American people and the bodies elected to represent them to act. The time for talks is over. Facts must have power over fiction and Natural Gas is the way that both the American people and the American economy can make huge strides forward in the growth of our country.

Support the Natural Gas Act.

The NAT GAS Act (H.R. 1380) (Natural Gas Act)

Let’s do what we need to do so we can get done what needs to get done.

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