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Support the Nat Gas Act

Typically the information that appears in this blog is a running commentary of sorts. We give our opinion on the current state of affairs in the natural gas industry as it relates to the use of hydraulic fracturing.

It also serves as a venue to speak out about the frustrations of those like us (in industry) with those who publicly lambast the practice without the scientific evidence typically required to bury a project.

We believe in Hydraulic Fracturing because we believe in the potential of natural gas.

We would like to imagine the financial impact it could have on our country while we are dangerously flirting with a second recession (and we believe may be unavoidable at this point).

Ultimately, we believe in an ideology that is Patriotic and Pro-American because we believe in patriotism and we are for America. We believe our current energy policy is detrimental to the American Economy and our safety and is therefore, by default, anti-American and needs to be given far more attention. That attention needs to be followed by action.

We believe that Boone Pickens has a good plan in this Nat Gas Act. Let us make ourselves clear: we are not affiliated with Boone nor are we compensated in any way, shape, or form for plugging this plan. We simply agree with what he is trying to do and we believe that he is taking a realistic route to seriously reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

The truth that Boone sees is that a large percentage of the oil that we import comes from OPEC nations. A lot of these countries hate us and have no problem with communicating that or supporting the terrorists who attack us…and yet we’ve paid them $1 trillion dollars in the last decade or nearly $1 million dollars a minute.

OPEC has several military dictatorships in its ranks yet we pay out dearly and do business with them.

If a corporation employs orphaned children in sweat shops because of the demand for clothing, then we have no problem with dealing as harshly as the law will allow by way of boycotts and protests. But if we pay astronomical sums of money to a country who holds guns to its people’s heads so that they will obey the will of the dictator then we…keep paying astronomical amounts of money to them.

We’ve done something like that on a national level for the last ten years. It has been described as the “greatest transfer of wealth in the history of this country.” and the wealth has been transferred to people who are Anti-American.

Well, after a few years and close to 80 million dollars in promotions and 157 sponsors, the hearing for the Nat Gas Act is happening in September.

We have a shortage of oil and a growing need for transportation fuels just like China. Our $3.88-3.96 per gallon diesel shows how this is a problem.

Wind and solar can’t power cars and we aren’t switching to national bicycles. We need programs like these to start steering the ship toward home-grown energy and home grown profitability.

Carter was president from 1977-1981. He called for Energy Independence then as every president since has done.

This is going on 34 years. We are projected to give another $2.2 trillion to OPEC in the next ten years and have already given them $1 trillion in the past decade alone, not counting the costs of the Gulf War.

We need congress to make options like this happen. We need to steer toward energy independence if we are going to remain optimistic about economic growth because Oil is currently the lifeblood of America when it could be Natural Gas.

Support the Nat Gas Act…if it doesn’t get done now, we fear it might not get done at all.

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