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How Apple and Oil and Gas are Similar

After 14 years,  Steve Jobs resigned as  the CEO of Apple.  His resignation letter was short and sweet.  With the inventions of the ipod, itunes, iphone, ibook, imac, and ipad, Apple is responsible not only for transforming the way we listen to music and the way we make phone calls, they are responsible for creating a standard that other companies have to contend with.

Another thing that Apple has done is create new businesses as a result of their products. Well known companies have popped up all over the country to create accessories for Apple  and software companies have made their bread writing apps for the iphone and the ipad.

Apple’s stocks are some of the most valuable on earth, behind only one: Exxon Mobil.

Apple has created jobs. According to entrepreneur.com,

In 1997, the company and its world-wide subsidiaries had just 8,437 regular employees, and an additional 1,739 temporary or part-time contractors and employees, according to SEC filings. As of last September, Apple had approximately 46,600 full-time equivalent employees and an additional 2,800 full-time equivalent temporary employees and contractors.

So not only did Apple create that type of growth in-house, they created jobs for the companies that popped up to support them. The same can be said about the Oil and Gas Industry and their work with the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.  Industry is creating tons of jobs.

Halliburton alone intends to hire 11,000 new workers in what remains of 2011.

Where are those workers going to live? What are they going to eat? What are they going to wear? What are they going to do in their down time?

These are all questions that companies like those who have sprung up to support Apple can answer.

North Dakota has already experienced the good that Oil Patch activity can provide.

Even the debates on Hydraulic Fracturing and the issues that greens have with the practice can create jobs for the right entrepreneur.

Both Apple and Hydraulic Fracturing companies are innovating. Both are growing. Both are creating new jobs and both are transforming the way that life will be in the America that is to come.

In the same decade both Apple and Oil and Gas companies have altered the way the United States runs. Apple did it with sleek technology, Natural Gas did it by creating the electricity that powers those gadgets at a cheaper cost.

It is no surprise that the top two stocks around right now are Exxon Mobil and Apple…neither of their values happened by accident.

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