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Greens Refuse to Compromise

As you may have noticed, there is a heated debate concerning hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale. The debate has thrusted names like Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie into the national arena because of their positions related to hydraulic fracturing.

There are noticeable trends in the conversations on the national stage of public opinion. Al Gore recently compared those who deny climate change (rather, those who deny the severity of climate change he espouses) to racists when he pushed supporters of his movement to stand up to “climate deniers” the same way people stood up to racists during the civil rights movement.

Alex Bogusky of The Climate Reality Project explained the difficulties that Greens experience when arguing with climate change deniers. Gore said “it is no more difficult than it was for Southerners to talk about the evils of racism.”

In response to “climate denier” Texas Governor Rick Perry’s statement that he believes that there are “a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects.” Gore said “This is an organized effort to attack the reputation of the scientific community as a whole. To attack their integrity, and to slander them with the lie that they are making up the science in order to make money.”

The most bothering trend that I have noticed has been that of drastic overstatement for the sake of effect. Al Gore is likening those who disagree with his opinion to racists and he is doing so for the sole purpose of raising pulses. He is comparing those who disagree with him to people who hate other people solely because of the color of their skin and believe that they are superior because their skin is the color it is. He may not explicitly communicate something like “Climate deniers are as evil as racists like the Nazis and the KKK” because he is a politician but that is precisely what he is inferring.

Racism is one of the most radioactive issues in the United States today because of the racism that was so prevalent in this country before the civil rights movement and because of how evil racism is. Anyone labeled a racist is evil because of the crime that racism is to human beings. The problem with Gore and Greens like him is that the planet is being equated in value to that of human life.

Don’t miss that.

That is ultimately at the bottom of the argument. If Earth is equal to the value of human life, then she should be defended in kind. But not everyone agrees with that environmentally charged position, and those people shouldn’t have to feel bad about that.

When Al Gore talks about the attack on the scientific community as a whole, he can’t be honest because there are members of the scientific community who disagree with him. BUT, if he can successfully vilify those who disagree with him and paint them as those guilty of the blatant racism present during the Civil Rights movement then…why would anyone listen to those aligned with racism?

That is the strategy generally employed by Greens. Vilify those who disagree with the “do absolutely nothing to Mother Earth” policies. Create an image of them that looks like giant conspiratorial business partners willing to kill Bambi and Captain Planet and create a business plan that is entirely inconsiderate of ecosystems and inhabitants and make it easy to hate an entity that selfish.

What is Gore subtly suggesting with his statements? He is suggesting that those who disagree with him are not the scientific community. He is suggesting that those who don’t agree with him are “Powerful polluters …(who) see it as a useful strategy to try to convince the public that the scientists are liars and that they’re greedy and they’re making stuff up. All in the service of their overarching strategy of creating enough doubt to persuade people that there shouldn’t be any sense of urgency about addressing this crisis.”

Arguments similar to these are extremely familiar. They are the same types of arguments that are employed by Greens everywhere because they are eluding to the fact that industry is committing crimes. Crimes against Mother Earth, crimes against precious water, crimes against people. They are a group of stagnant thinkers who have no more colors to paint with in their palette than a green crayon.

They say “Hydraulic Fracturing is evil. It pollutes the groundwater, destroys aquifers, emits toxic fumes and drives honest people from their homes.”

If any person or industry really did all that they claim, then the case against said companies would be open and shut save for one little truth.

One Little Truth= They are intentionally inaccurate so that they can give a skewed picture of the truth. These are old school mud-slinging tactics and they haven’t changed.

Greens don’t listen. They don’t care about more environmentally friendly processes and increasingly green technology.

No, in a blanketing fashion, they believe fossil fuels are inherently evil and not for use…even though they drive cars and use plastics and watch television and live in a world created on a molecular level of petroleum based products.

It is either all or nothing with no celebration of cleaner processes. The devil of frac’ing can do no right in their eyes and will never be able to…regardless of how technology advances to meet to eco friendly standards, or how many billions are paid in taxes and earnings, or how natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline…rather than embrace a cleaner alternative they seek to disprove the claims that Natural Gas burns cleaner than gasoline.

Greens don’t want compromise, they want to rule. Someone should tell them and Al Gore that this is a Democracy and those of us out here who make our dollars in the Oil and Gas field are not mindless idiots or insensitive seal clubbers. We are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just like they are.

Disagreeing with them will never place me on the same level of shame as a racist and Al Gore better watch who is comparing large groups of people to because disliking large groups of people just because they are different is?…

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