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The Hill Natural Gas Must Die On

Although this Blog is about issues pertaining specifically to Hydraulic Fracturing and the directly related issues, we are going to take a small turn for the purpose of proving a point.

Proverbs 18:17 says “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.”

Regardless of religious leanings, this proves true in the case of the maelstrom surrounding the Natural Gas Industry.

President Obama is poised to give a speech about job creation because of the dangerously high unemployment rate. The energy industry is postured to provide many jobs if not hampered by red tape.

Where did the red tape come from? You already know.

Ultimately, it exists because of public opinion.

Josh Fox created a propaganda film called “GasLand” in which he flubbed up a lot of facts concerning hydraulic fracturing. In the process, he gathered a faithful following of passionate protesters, some of them celebrities.

Josh Fox spoke first.

So, to many in the public and in the media, his case seems right. His visual representations caused outrage with what looked like factual information to ignorant viewers.

It put the industry on the defensive because politicians looking for a campaign cause got involved as well as major newspaper writers like Ian Urbina of the NYT.

Well, the examination has come along, and Josh Fox and company  has had to either switch tactics or stick by their guns under the cover of smoke and mirrors or prolific blogging where Fox hides behind Dr. Tony Ingraffea (whose own expertise have been called into question) on a Blog.

He and people like him must be doing a good job because they have created headaches for those in industry by creating opposition to the process needed to extract the gas from the ground.

They did it because they spoke first.

So, what must the companies doing business in Shale Plays do to fight the ignorance and prove that they can provide lots of jobs and tax dollars to the American Economy? The President will be discussing the dismal job situation tomorrow night.

What can they do when the largest problem for Americans is joblessness and the weak economy that causes joblessness?

Pull out a big giant fan and blow all the smoke away and take a sledge hammer to the mirrors. Deal severely with the smear campaigns.

They are dealing with us that way…likening us to Mafia Bosses or tyrants and reporting conspiracy theories that make Gas companies appear evil.

They are doing it with lies.

Inform the people. Dismantle each individual anti-fracturing argument publicly with the data you already have in a format that will guarantee mass exposure.

There must be mass exposure. The enviro-liars have to be outed for what they are because they have the public eye.

Unify the effort. Make sure the battle for public opinion is won. Make the information about job creation, taxes paid out, economic impact, philanthropy, testimonials, secondary benefits, and technological progression readily available. Do it publicly and pointedly.

Draw out the issues of national security. Quantify the amount our country pays to nations in OPEC who hate us.

Get a spokesman with firepower who carries a big stick and fight fire with fire.

Champion the expertise and the experience of the Geologists and Engineers who provide this information. Enumerate their PhD count.

Calculate their numbers and validate their opinions by comprehensively weighing their collective education.

Host open debate forums with neutral moderators and crush the naysayers (who are usually not technical enough to speak) with hard science.

Have the detractors define their fears and have them prove the basis for them. Embarrass those opposed due to willful ignorance and do it in front of America.

Use hard facts to do so. Keep it factual and untouchable. Ask hard questions and require them to answer.

They have painted a picture of industry that looks like Oil and Gas companies look around with murder in their eyes for Bambi or that they lie in wait to ambush honest people.

Paying out monies to OPEC funds military dictatorships and terrorist groups who oppress and kill their own people or attack America. The countries we look at with disdain in the headlines are also the countries we have paid 1 trillion dollars to in the last ten years because they have oil.

What about the oppressed people in other nations whose dictators are wealthy because of our energy needs? What about the soldiers who have died at the hands of terrorists? What about them?

Natural Gas could provide freedom from OPEC and internalize all that money, bring some troops home, and take money out of Iran’s pocket.

The hill we must die on is public opinion. The ugly truth is that the masses need to know about the benefits and risks of natural gas. They need to know that the pros outweigh the cons, not be misinformed.

Natural Gas must take this hill and prove to America that the job situation and the weak economy has some hope underneath the ground in the form of Shale Gas.

We know this fact. We know the facts.

They need to know them.

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