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Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Green Shill

November 22, 2011

Politicians and public figures are perplexing to me. I have heard innumerable jokes and snide remarks about politicians and how “Were Congress held to the same standards as businesses, then they would all be in jail.” There has never been a larger group of people who have done more flip-flopping than politicians and public figures. Campaign platforms seem to vanish when convenient and scandals erupt only to be forgotten, often times, just in time for re-election.

The public has a short memory.

Somehow, and I can’t necessarily identify what sort of magic they conjure, nothing seems to stick to them for too long. It is almost as if America has embraced this ridiculous acceptance of politico/press speak that says “Do as I say and not as I do…because I certainly won’t do what I say I will, and I may have some questionable practices on the side, actually, I have a non-profit called AADD (Activists Against Drunk Driving) even though I was just arrested for a DUI.”

This is laughable. Without argument, there is no greater deficiency nowadays than in the area of accountability. Public figures are not held accountable or disqualified for/from much. Politicians can do things that would send an average Joe to jail and then win re-elections.

For all of you environmentalists out there, don’t be fooled. There is no body of evidence that could exonerate RFK Jr. from his questionable practices.

I am not talking about his “personal” life. I have no desire to attack him.

I want environmentalists to be as thoroughly scrutinizing of those in their own camp as they are with those without. RFK Jr. needs some review before he gets crowned the White Knight of Environmental Activism.

To borrow a term from Massachusetts, the guy is “wicked smart”(pronounced ‘smaht’).

He has found a cause where he profits and gets to be the hero at the same time. I call it a racket. He leverages his public persona to the max.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s family owns three oil companies for which he receives Royalty Checks:

Their names are Mokeen Oil and Kenoil. They also own a third not included in the below quote, Arctic Oil, as well as oil deposits in Louisiana and mineral rights to properties in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.

The Arctic Royalty Limited Partnership (ARLP) is housed in JPK Enterprises at 330 Madison Ave. in New York.

According to an article by wickedlocal.com,

“That’s right. The Kennedy family owns two oil companies.

Not “oil stock,” like Al Gore with his Occidental Petroleum carbon footprint, “oil companies.”

The doors at 330 Madison Ave. in New York City inconspicuously display the name “JPK Enterprises.” This is the home office for the Arctic Royalty Limited Partnership, the Trust which was formed in 1985 to avoid the corporate income taxes that Kenoil and Mokeen had to pay.

The Kennedy clan has made millions for their Trust, located on Fiji, from oil profits. Also, thanks to legislation passed by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Arctic Royalty Limited Partnership is unaffected by the elimination of the 22 percent Depletion Allowance that Big Oil used to be able to claim on their taxes. The Arctic Royalty Limited Partnership is also safe should the Windfall Profits Tax be reinstated, as some in Congress are now calling for.

An added bonus for environmentalists like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is that they need not fear anything by reading too much into the name Arctic Royalty Limited Partnership as the Kennedys in congress have no intention of allowing the competition to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But Robert F Kennedy Jr. enjoys a piece of the action from the family gas and oil interests none the less.

Of course, as a private citizen, his finances are off the record.”

I think if RFK Jr. disclosed how much he has made from his family’s Oil companies, he would lose all credibility as an environmentalist forever.

I would like an environmental activist like himself to volunteer how profitable Mokeen Oil, Kenoil, and Arctic Oil are for he and his family as it appears that he is benefiting from the fruits of an industry he opposes in public.

Why would he oppose O&G in public? If he doesn’t he is outed as a fake.

I would also like to know whether or not these companies use Hydraulic Fracturing to increase their production. 90% of the the wells in the United States utilize this stimulation practice. There is a 9/10 chance that they Frac to increase profits.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a Venture Capitalist in addition to being an Environmental Lawyer and Activist. He profits from all three of these gigs.

Kennedy is a Venture Partner and Sr. Advisor for Vantage Point Capital Partners. Vantage Point Capital Partners, along with BP, Chevron, Statoil, Morgan Stanley, and google.org have raised millions for the solar start-up, Brightsource.

The NYT reports:

“But here’s the rub: Kennedy has a stake in BrightSource through VantagePoint Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley that was instrumental in raising $160 million in financing for the solar startup. Other investors include Chevron Corp., Google.org and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

That Kennedy is a senior adviser at VantagePoint, and an open promoter of BrightSource in public speeches, is an irony not lost on David Myers, an activist who charges Kennedy with shilling for a company intent on using his political clout. To Myers, the lure of profit if BrightSource makes it big is why Kennedy, a cousin of California’s first lady, Maria Shriver, wants to stop the national monument before it ever gets off the ground.

“I’m getting pretty tired of BrightSource using their Kennedy connection,” said Myers, executive director of the Wildlands Conservancy. “BrightSource [is pursuing] the worst projects in the worst locations, but they have the best PR firm, because Robert Kennedy is involved.”

Brightsource and Kennedy ruffled the feathers of environmentalists like David Myers, Executive Director of Wildlands Conservancy, because of their Ivanpah project, a Solar field which will occupy 5.6 square miles of the Mojave. Myers is pushing for the Mojave to be considered a National Monument. This is where he and Kennedy disagree.

“Enter Kennedy, who calls the national monument, as it is likely to be drawn, a bad idea. To Kennedy, the instinct to protect local ecosystems has collided with the goals of a progressive national energy policy.

“I respect the belief that it’s all local,” Kennedy said in an interview. “But they’re putting the democratic process and sound scientific judgement on hold to jeopardize the energy future of our country.”

This is worth noting, particularly Kennedy’s “I respect the belief that it’s all local” words.

He opposed a Wind Farm 5 miles off of the coast of Massachusetts in an extremely similar case whereby those who opposed the Wind Farm wanted that section of ocean deemed a historic landmark; citing bird kills, whale interference, fishing disruption, and other ecological impacts in order to stop the project, even though it would provide power to 400,000 homes in the renewable friendly Massachusetts area.

Of this wind project, Kennedy said in the NYT:

“As an environmentalist, I support wind power, including wind power on the high seas. I am also involved in siting wind farms in appropriate landscapes, of which there are many. But I do believe that some places should be off limits to any sort of industrial development. I wouldn’t build a wind farm in Yosemite National Park. Nor would I build one on Nantucket Sound, which is exactly what the company Energy Management is trying to do with its Cape Wind project.”

What is his interpretation of “appropriate landscapes”?

Though Kennedy may staunchly support renewables, it could be surmised that he only does so when he can profit from their implementation or when he deems their placement “appropriate”, even though one of the major criticisms of Gas wells is…their placement.

As a Venture partner, he could have shared in the profits of Brightsource’s Ivanpah project if it had been successful…but it has not.

What is more ironic is that one of Kennedy’s criticisms for the Cape Wind Project was that

“…because offshore wind costs twice as much as gas-fired electricity and significantly more than onshore wind, the project is financially feasible only because the federal and state governments have promised $241 million in subsidies.”

Brightsource actually just received a $1.4 trillion dollar bailout, three times the size of Solyndra, while having a significant amount of debt because, like Solyndra, it is not financially feasible and it just burned tax-payers, again.

You see, the Ivanpah project would only create 1400 jobs during its peak. This means a cost of 1 million dollars per new job created. Is that cost effective? Are those workers suddenly millionaires?

I say all of this because I don’t buy what RFK Jr. is selling.

I think he has a profiteering agenda and that is about as plain as can be.

What motivation does a man with a stake in a failing solar company have in opposing fossil fuels while pushing for renewable energy sources?

All the motivation in the world.

He would profit from it so that he can keep flying in his Leer Jet.

There has been a recent call by environmentalists for a public response from Chesapeake Energy’s Aubrey McClendon to a piece by RFK Jr. in the Huffington Post.

There is a Twitter campaign entitled #whereisAubrey devoted to this.

I would suggest that review be done in house first particularly when one man is pitted against another.

So when environmentalists get up in arms about how much O&G CEOs make, I would ask them to level those questions at their supposed friends.

Ask RFK Jr. how much he stands to make from BrightSource’s success and how much he has to lose from its failure.

Ask him how much he has profited from being the Chief Attorney for Riverkeeper or for acting as President of Waterkeeper Alliance’s Board of Directors. I bet he profits a lot more than most environmentalists.

It is in his financial interests to be an activist.

The Oil and Gas Industry, as well as the Coal Industry, are his competition.

Is this not motivation enough to push for Green Energy?

This guy is making a lot of money on Green Energy but he is talking about Oil and Gas supporters as if the reason they support Oil and Gas is solely because of money.

Wait, what?…what?!

He is on the payroll of Green Energy. He is benefiting from any success in a way that very few environmentalists can.

The next time Environmentalists call for the head of a guy like Aubrey McClendon, I would strongly suggest they look within first.

Because if I know this about RFK Jr., then environmentalists are either blissfully ignorant and this will be a blow, or they intentionally downplay the role of money in his actions. The man is on the Green take.

I don’t buy RFK Jr. I agree with David Myers. I think he is an industry shill, just like all of those he criticizes. I just hope it will stick to him the way he flings it at others.

I have an idea for a Twitter campaign:


The answer: In his house, that sits on a 30 acre lake, recently completely overhauled to be Green, by a Green builder, in a PR friendly fashion with its own website and all.

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