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Can Most Fractivists Have a Conversation about Frac’ing?

December 2, 2011

The title of this piece is self explanatory.

For the most part, no, I don’t think that they can.

The circus that happened this week is not an anomaly. This is what a lot of these hearings sound and look like. There are a lot of examples on Youtube.

What I will say, is that from a bunch of the videos I have seen on Youtube, a lot of people feel like they are getting a raw deal from Natural Gas drillers…financially. It doesn’t seem like a lot of these folks have environmental objections at all. They just want to get paid.

All of that aside, I called this article “Can Most Fractivists Have a Conversation about Frac’ing?” because I really want to know whether or not that is possible.

I haven’t seen proof of it yet. I get cursed out. I get called names. I get angry responses from people who have no idea who I am. I may rescue babies from burning buildings for a living.

I hear the same arguments drone on and on. I hear the same folks citing the New York Times hit pieces like they are truthful.

Hearing after hearing, I hear about the rapid mobilization of the activist community against Hydraulic Fracturing. This does not mean that the majority of people are against fracturing by the way; it simply means that the same group of people who oppose Hydraulic Fracturing can rally quickly and have local governing officials on speed dials and fax phones.

The majority of the supporters don’t show up for hearings because when they do show up, they are bullied by anti-Frac activists. They are like misled Minute-men who want the economy to crumble instead of thrive.

I am not interested in being talked over by a thousand people who have all the free time in the world to show up.

Can they have a conversation? I don’t think they are interested.

Talking over someone is not a conversation, it is a juvenile tactic and although it is not “violent”, it does not mean that it is not angry or vindictive.

It is the equivalent to plugging your ears and marching around screaming “I can’t hear you.”

I won’t speak to that.

I hope lawmakers will see that for what it is and rather than submit to the crying baby in the other room by giving it whatever it wants, be the governing body and give that baby what it needs:

Jobs, money, more tax money, more energy independence from foreign countries, a stronger America.

Anti Fracturing IS anti all of that list.

Anti-jobs, anti-money, anti-tax base increase, anti-energy independence, weaker American economy. This is on the back end of what they push for.

And they aren’t interested in hearing from other Americans who want to say “I would like a job. Pennsylvania is really benefiting from Frac. I think New York needs this money, we need these jobs, we need to try to make this work.”

No, fractivists jeer and snarl at them, deride them and disrespect their voice.

Can Fractivists Have a Conversation about Frac’ing? With each other they can. If everyone agrees that Fracturing is evil. If everyone in the conversation is blatantly opposed.

Other than that, good luck.

I really hope law makers can see this clearly. Not Frac’ing is playing with fire. It may feel fun until it burns you. Not Frac’ing will burn New York. They will miss out on so many benefits.

I am waiting for regular folks to realize what these Fractivists are spoiling for them. I am waiting for them to realize that they could have retirements and houses and nice things rather than unemployment.

Hydraulically Fracturing can provide all of that for New York State.

Refusing Hydraulically Fracturing means no benefit. There is a dollar amount there and there is a quality of life comparison.

Remember that you heard it here, because then you will be willing to listen.

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