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KeystoneXL Pipeline

January 18, 2012

There is currently over 2.3 million miles of pipe line throughout the United States.

To put this in perspective, something greatly needed by the current administration, the United States, coast to coast, is approximately 3,000 miles across. There is already enough pipeline to run back and forth, from the East Coast to the West Coast over 766 times.

According to the US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration:

The nation’s pipelines are a transportation system. Pipelines enable the safe movement of extraordinary quantities of energy products to industry and consumers, literally fueling our economy and way of life. The arteries of the Nation’s energy infrastructure, as well as the safest and least costly ways to transport energy products, our oil and gas pipelines provide the resources needed for national defense, heat and cool our homes, generate power for business and fuel an unparalleled transportation system.

The nation’s more than two million miles of pipelines safely deliver trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and hundreds of billions of ton/miles of liquid petroleum products each year. They are essential: the volumes of energy products they move are well beyond the capacity of other forms of transportation. It would take a constant line of tanker trucks, about 750 per day, loading up and moving out every two minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to move the volume of even a modest pipeline. The railroad-equivalent of this single pipeline would be a train of 75 2,000-barrel tank rail cars everyday. These alternatives would require many times the people, clog the air with engine pollutants, be prohibitively expensive and — with many more vehicles on roads and rails carrying hazardous materials — unacceptably dangerous.

Pipeline systems are the safest means to move these products.

Did you read the same thing that I just read? on a government website?

I heard a White House spokesman Jay Carney glibly state concerning expediting approval for the KeystoneXL:

“There was an attempt to short-circuit the review process in a way that does not allow the kind of careful consideration of all the competing criteria here that needs to be done.”

Now they don’t support the KeystoneXL because it isn’t within the confines of protocol?

If that doesn’t smack of political strategy then I don’t know what does.

When has this administration ever been remotely concerned with protocol or precedent? Well, now they are apparently.

So, are we endeavoring to retain our dependence on OPEC oil while Iran (an OPEC nation) mocks us and threatens to shut down the straight of Hormuz through military might? Are we really bolstering our dependence on OPEC in a time where 40% of the Oil exports come through the Straight of Hormuz?

There isn’t a map available to track through this country’s current energy policy. It would be like a map for Alice’s Wonderland where everything is nonsense and nonsense is everything.

I am waiting like Alice, to wake up from the nonsensical dream and find myself in the real world. I am tired of living in a world where Obama acts like the Queen of Hearts…you may remember the line:

“All ways are my ways!”

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