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Green Machine: Producer of Nothing, Haters of Everything

May 11, 2012

The Green Movement claims that their opinions are both informed and based on scientific evidence.

In order to have a leg to stand on, this is their only play. They must claim that their positions have data in their corner, otherwise they bring nothing to the table worth heeding.

Scientific data is king.

While Greens call for the O&G Industry to adhere to the most stringent policies that they can imagine, their agenda is not ultimately in favor of regulatory policies that enable companies to explore, stimulate wells and produce. Their agenda is one that calls for the end of the existence of O&G by convincing the population that Oil and Gas are growing increasingly irrelevant and that their utilization is environmentally irresponsible.

The proof behind this statement looks like criticisms and regulations that are constantly in flux and that their criticisms seek to encompass every single phase of O&G development.

They have problems with the chemical/water/sand solution that is injected into the ground for fracturing. They complain about the contents of the flow-back.  They criticize the methane being vented. They cite the truck traffic going to and from the wells as detrimental to roads and dangerous for travelers. They hate the footprint of well sites and allege that such practices destroy pristine landscapes. They say that the fracturing process causes methane to migrate into the drinking water of residences surrounding the well site. They now report that natural gas isn’t a cleaner burning fuel and that it is unfit for use. They attack plans for pipelines (even though they are the safest and most economical means of transport). They mention greed as the motivator for O&G companies to produce and finally, they hint at conspiracy related to the interaction between the government and these companies.

Name any phase of Oil or Natural Gas development at any level and the Green Movement has a litany of grievances they wear on their shoulder.

Apparently, the O&G Companies are so villainous that they are entirely incapable of doing any good.

Greens are off on an eternal rant and their targets are always changing. They do not show a unified front and they can’t tell you what they want in a way that is feasible. They offer no answer and they produce nothing.

And while they are completely comfortable with being deceptive in that their staunchest supporters have no personal objection to presenting partial or skewed representations (Thank you, Josh Fox for being the poster child.) and their “victims” will not agree with science even after the EPA has 4 separate test results (the Sautners), they don’t have any game plan.

If all that they asked for were granted, they could not produce as economically sound or functional replacement for fossil fuels. They would only offer more criticism and throw more blame that sounds like “We should have never been so dependent on fossil fuels in the first place.”

Make no mistake, a Green Policy would chop thousands of thousands of acres of forest for solar panels and litter the country with the noise pollution of wind farms. On that scale that they support, these methods of energy production (which are, as a rule, inefficient) are untested.

Remember, the Greens are the same folks who supported Natural Gas a few years ago. I wonder what would happen if their wishes were a reality and we all ended up with perpetual headaches from the constant whooshing or turbines.

To distill the basis for their criticism is to understand that their problem is with what they interpret as crimes against the environment and the quality of life of people who live in that environment. As long as energy production doesn’t infringe on either of these things, then they have nothing to say.

But, Wind and Solar would seriously impact the way in which we live. What RFK Jr. calls a desert, another Green Group calls a pristine habitat that they would rather not see become one giant solar panel (Ivanpah). The Green movement has nothing to say because they have everything to say.

I remember, on Twitter a quote from @WaterCitizen from a while back. They said

“…and let’s remember the overall purpose of a debate is to gain clarity on the issues, not to “win”.”

I have debated @WaterCitizen before and they were not willing to concede any point pertaining to actual needs being met by the O&G Industry. The only arena they were willing to speak in was one of risk. That is both cowardly and exactly my point.

Their statement couldn’t be more wrong.

“Winning” in this regard means allowing what is factually based to rule over hazy and inconclusive opinion. “Winning” results in an executive arm that causes concrete results.

By placing the human right to object over the factual basis that data provides, opinion becomes more important than fact and the championing of human feelings (e.g. Say it nicely, even if the person arguing a fallacy is so wrong it is ridiculous.) rises above a policy that effects lots of people in their pocketbooks.

Their method of debate is impossible as they will not stay on one topic long enough to actually follow their suggestion through to the logical end. There is no objective bent.

Thankfully, the facts are gaining traction and the Greens can’t do anything about it.

In the end, after all of their delays and red tape, the O&G Industry will win based on the truths that support their claims. Smoke and mirrors can only last so long. On that day, our Industry will enjoy the victory we’ve won because the truth will out.

Until that time, we have to deal with a bunch of angry emoting activists who refuse to admit that they were both wrong and illogical.

On that final day, I will say nothing. The actions that follow truth will be all the happiness I need.

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