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Why It is Appropriate that Dr. Al Armendariz Resigned

In a recent blog post, radical environmentalist Texas Sharon (Sharon Wilson) wrote:

We lost a battle. But remember this is a war, as the industry declared, and we will not lose the war. There will be casualties but we will win in the end because they will continue to follow the recipe. It’s the only way they know.

Concerning “the recipe” imbedded in the link above, it reads like this:

Yesterday, I told you that fracking insurgents are not born they are created. Here is one recipe to create fracking insurgents.

  1. One professional liar.
  2. One heaping scoop of campaign money.
  3. Mix well then sprinkle liberally with stinky, rotten backroom dealings and leave on counter to fester.
  4. Retrieve professional liar from festering mixture and spread thickly about neighborhood. The neighborhood should be thoroughly divided before moving to step five.
  5. Flatten any remaining groups and neighbors and plop festering goo in backyards. (Professional liar can now be moved to new area as starter for next batch of fracking insurgents)
  6. Frack with toxic cocktail
  7. Operate poorly even on Sunday, (see video) aided by inept and conflicted regulatory agencies.

Bake in the hot Texas sun.

Thank you Sharon, for your class.

Dr. Al Armendariz’s comments drew fire as he likened his enforcement philosophy to Roman crucifixion in 2010.

Although the comments have only recently surfaced, critics of Armendariz noted a correlation between his explicit “enforcement philosophy” and the EPA’s actions against Range Resources in Texas.

They’ve argued that his stated philosophy is reflective of his action and that he has indeed attempted to “crucify” Range for the purpose of making an example. They argue that he has sought to force compliance through excessive regulation of innocent parties.

Those who support Armendariz have said that his intention was to make violators the subject of his “crucifixion”; as a motivator to those not in compliance to fall in line. Were that true, EPA Region 6 and Armendariz would have never gone after Range Resources. (The company who TXSharon, Sharon Wilson:extremist environmentalist is still attacking).

Their arguments related to the exoneration of Armendariz are irrelevant as Armendariz’s actions did not support their argument. He did  “go after the first five guys” he saw in a witch hunt fashion. He did act questionably in celebrating his actions against Range Resources by emailing TXSharon and company with advice to “Tivo Channel 8” as a celebration of the “news” they were about to make.

This brings me to the point: It is appropriate that Dr. Al Armendariz resign because he was incapable of performing his duties objectively. Not only did Armendariz flippantly make statements likening his regulatory policies to Roman crucifixion, he went about acting like the Romans in seeking out innocent companies so that he could make and example of or “crucify” them. (as he would say) The EPA or anyone else acting as if this situation is not precisely what it is: namely, a radical environmentalist was appointed to a director level position in a government agency and acted as such. The shame is that there is a refusal to admit the obvious: he should have never been appointed to that post nor should any environmentalist be appointed to such a post.

This, married to the fact that radical environmentalists considered him a friend represents an uncomfortable truth related to the alignment of the EPA as a whole. I say this because the EPA did not call for his resignation. Armendariz did that of his own accord. The EPA was comfortable with allowing him to continue to regulate.

The entire situation was absurd because Dr. Al Armendariz is himself an extremist environmentalist and EPA does not see this as a conflict of interests. That is because the EPA is cut from the same cloth.

The bottom line is that it is very good that Armendariz resigned. It shows that the public wants some level of accountability and that there is a level of checks and balances in place for someone who acts ridiculously.

Hopefully, this will be the trend in the future or the EPA will cease to exist.